Children Ministry

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a. Starting April 1, the Pastor Tim will send a daily messages or
prayers through the MCCC Kids Corner Facebook page to
keep connecting with our children until returning to our normal
gathering. Parent may access to the following Facebook page
with their children for the messages and interact with Pastor
Tim. Parents may also assist their children in contacting
Pastor Tim via email, text message or Whatsapp.
b. 2020 Day Camp will be held on July 13-17 & 20-24 for children
going to grades 1 to 6. For registration, please contact Pastor
Tim or church office.
c. We are looking for Christian youths (Grade 7 and up) with
positive attitude and zest for mission to volunteer in Day Camp.
You will be helping children of all ages to learn about the great
love of God. To qualify for the positions, you must have
accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and be
available for training and preparation. Please speak to Pastor
Tim if interested.