Spiritual Supporting Fellowship

To foster deeper level of sharing and support in Christ. Our focus is on families, from children to seniors, developing authentic spiritual relationship through biblical communities (small groups and fellowships), designed to help people grow closer to God and each other; where people pray for one another; where people serve one another; where people can find the healing touch of God through the love of God shown to each other in forgiving one another and accepting one another. At Milliken, we have made encouragement an element permeating all of our ministries. Our door is always open to anyone who seeks to know and to build a personal relationship with God.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7
Check out the following fellowships- there is always a spot for you:
English Congregation
  • Career/University/College/Young Adult: Elijah (Thursdays)
  • Junior High and High School: Youth 144 (Saturday evenings)
  • Couples & Families: Emmanuel (1 Saturday of each month)
  • College & University: Adelphoi (Sundays after English Service and select Saturdays)
Cantonese Congregation
  • Students: Harmony (Fridays)
  • Career/Young Adults: Pistis (1st/3rd Saturdays)
  • Woman's Small Group: Esther (以斯帖姊妹團) (1st/3rd Fridays of each month)
  • Young Families (家庭小組) (1st/3rd Saturdays of each month)
  • Middle-aged Couples: Enoch (以諾伉儷團) (2nd/4th Saturdays of each month)
  • True Light Fellowship (真光團) (2nd/4th Fridays of each month)
  • Seniors Group (嘉年團, 55 years and older) (2nd Saturday of each month)
  • Career/Adult (IC "In Christ" Group) (1 Saturday each month)
Mandarin Congregation
  • Youth Fellowship: Agape (Saturdays)
  • Career/Young Adults: Timothy (提摩太小組) (2nd/4th Sunday afternoons of each month)
  • Young Couples (以勒幼童家庭小組) (3rd Saturdays of each month)
  • Life Group (生命團契) (Saturdays)
  • Career Adult/Senior: Cedar/Golden Age (香柏/嘉年團契) (4th Thursday of each month)
  • Elim Fellowship (以琳團契) (2nd Saturday of each month)