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Oil Painting Class

This will be held from May 7 to June 11, every Tuesday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in Room B10. The teacher is Mr. Kanson Lee (graduated from OCAD, owner of an art studio). The cost is $60 including course materials and will be collected in the first lesson. There is a maximum of…

Children Ministry

The following volunteers are needed to assist the 2019 children day camp. a. Adults: To prepare lunch for volunteers and snacks for children. If willing to help out, please contact Pastor Tim or Grace Cheng. b. Christian youths (Junior High & up): To qualify, you must be available for training and preparation. Please speak to…

General Management

Our church is hiring a full time custodian for day to day cleaning and maintenance work. Please speak to Deacon Steve Chao/ Deacon Wilson Young/ Rev. Tim Yuen if you are interested.

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