ECB News

a. Membership Application: Chun Ping Lin (林春萍) and Winnie Lee (李立雲) from Mandarin congregation are applying for MCCC membership. If you have any comment, please send it to Rev. John Hua or Rev. Luke Xie by February 7, 2016. b. Finance: The total offering amount of 2015 is attached in the bulletin this morning. If…

Sunday Messages

The 2016 first quarter preaching theme will be on “God’s Love”. Bible Reading Plan for this week is as follows: Feb 7 (Sun) Psalm 67 Feb 8 (Mon) Psalm 68 Feb 9 (Tue) Psalm 69 Feb 10 (Wed) Psalm 70 Feb 11 (Thu) Psalm 71 Feb 12 (Fri) Psalm 72 Feb 13 (Sat) Romans 5:1-11

Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. We like to pray for peace and spiritual growth for every member of the body of Christ in the New Year.