Membership Application

Kinson Chan ( 陳建生) from Mandarin Congregation is applying for membership. If you have any comment, please send it to Rev. John Hua before Oct. 5th, 2014.

2015-2016 Deacons Election Results

56.2% of all MCCC members voted in the deacons election. Ophelia Lau, Irene Cheung, Rossana Wong, Gary Dong, Sheila Xu and Wylie Poon have all been accepted as MCCC deacons for 2015-2016.

ECB News Flash

a. ECB will meet on September 14th (today) at 4:15 pm in Room 101. All co-workers please attend. b. 2015-2016 Deacons Election: The election will take place on September 14th (today). There will be a regular AGM meeting in the Main Sanctuary at 4:00 pm to accept the results of the voting.