ECB News Flash

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MCCC has adopted Pastor Timothy Chan, a member of MCCC, and a Student Ministry Associate of Ambassadors for Christ Canada to apply from ACEM mission as a local field ministry worker.

Brothers and sisters attending worship on Sunday at MCCC are advised to park their cars in the spots on the north side of the parking lot ONLY. The south side of the parking lot is reserved for Good Shepherd Community Church on Sunday morning.

Please be careful when driving in the parking lot, or entering/leaving a parking spot to avoid collisions. There was a hit-and-run incident in the parking lot on Sunday, March 2. If you were a witness to the incident, please contact one of the pastors or deacons.

GO international will be holding a Karios mission education training in June at MCCC. The training will be held in Cantonese. The date is June 17 to June 28 (every Tuesday & Thursday night at Saturday). For details, please see the application form 9 on the magazine rack. Cost is $150. If you are MCCC member and have been attending our service for 2 years or more, you can apply for ACEM Mission subsidy. Please contact the pastors for more information.