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a. ECB will meet on September 18, at 7:00 pm in Room 101 to discuss the
2019 budget. All ECB members please attend.
b. Condo Board – ECB has accepted the resignation of Deacon Joseph
Wong as MCCC ECB representative to the Condo Board effective
September 12. Deacon Chris Cheng will be serving the remainder of
Deacon Joseph’s term until December 31, 2018.
c. ECB has approved to distribute the 10% ACEM Mission Fund Rebate to
MCCC in the amount of $7,290 as follows:
Xiaodan Gang (CBM) $1,000
Peter and Elaine Yoon $500
Lewis and Felain Lam (CBM) $350
Northwind Family Ministries (First Nations) $440
Gilman Ho (AFC) $1,000
Derek and Chantal Chen $500
Henry and Wendy Chuang $1,000
Jerrold Wen (Indonesia STM) material expense $500
Adoption of Rev. William Leung’s Global Project $1,000
Adoption of Anton Lim (Power to Change) Next Initiative project $1,000