ECB News Flash

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(Minutes for March 19, 2019):
a. ECB has approved for the following distribution of the 5% ACEM Mission
Fund rebate to MCCC:
- Lewis/Felain Lam (CBM): $1000
- Anton Lim (support “Next Project” under Power to Change): $1000
- Northwind Family Ministries (support Johnathan Beardy): $1000
- Henry & Wendy Chuang: $1000
b. ECB has approved of the following leaders for the STM trips for 2019:
- Germany: Deaconess Sheila Xu, Rebecca Lee
- Thunder Bay: Rev. Vincent Lee, Pastor Josiah Tse
- Madagascar: Rev. Andy Wong
c. Fire Doors- The metal doors at the stairwells and in the hallways of the
church are fire doors. These doors must be closed at all times (including
Sundays) in accordance with fire regulations.
d. Salt Boxes – There are some boxes around the outside of the church used
for storing road salt. Please do not dump garbage into these salt boxes.
e. Elevators – Please do not use the elevator in the church if you are not sure
how to operate it. Ask a member of the pastoral staff if you need help to
operate the elevator.
f. Canada Day Outreach – The church will be organizing another Canada Day
outreach event on Monday, July 1. Brothers and sisters in all congregations
are welcome to volunteer.