40 Days of Prayer

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40 Days of Prayer: This is our final week! Small group discussions will
continue to be hosted with Adelphoi fellowship (university to young careers
age) in B9 at 11:30 am. Elijah and Emmanuel (adults) will combine to have the
program sessions in B1 at 11:45 am.
Follow-Up: We would like to encourage you to keep praying after the 40 days
of prayer is done. At the end of the program you can sign up with a willing
prayer partner(s) and accountability from Pastor Josiah; more details to follow.

40 Days of Prayer Certificate: Those who complete reading the book, attend
all the small group / Sunday school discussions and listen to all the sermons
on Sunday will receive a certificate of completion. To register once you have
completed it all, a sign-up sheet for the certificate will be provided today and
next Sunday and presented on the 28th. Small group leaders will account as a
witness for completion.