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(Minutes for July 16, 2019):
a. 2020 Church Budget – All Congregations and Departments are
reminded to start preparing budget plans for the 2020 Church Budget.
The deadline for submission of congregational and departmental budget
plans is Sunday, September 1.
b. 105 Gibson Centre Clothing Distribution – 105 Gibson Centre will be
holding a clothing distribution event on Saturday, August 31 from 10:00
am to 1:00 pm on the north lawn of Milliken church building. Volunteers
are welcome to participate in the clothing distribution. If you are
interested, please speak with Rev. Vincent Lee or Deaconess Rossana
c. Distribution of ACEM Mission Fund Rebate to MCCC – An extra 5%
of the ACEM Mission Fund Rebate to member churches was approved
by ACEM Conference. The distribution of the extra rebate to MCCC is
as follows:
Northwind Family Ministries in Thunder Bay – $1,000
Gilman Ho (AFC Canada) – $1,000
CY Yan (OMF Canada) – $1,000
d. Madagascar STM – A fundraising sale to support local church ministries
in Madagascar (to be visited by Madagascar STM team in September)
will be held on Sunday, August 18 between 9:00am and 2:00pm.