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ECB News Flash:
a. Minutes for September 17, 2018
• Rev. Vincent Lee will be on study leave (October 1-3) to attend a mission
conference at Saddleback Church in Los Angeles, USA. He will be
returning to Toronto on October 4.
• ECB has approved the distribution of the 5% ACEM Mission Fund Rebate
to MCCC as follows:
- $2,000 to support short term mission in Uganda organized by GO
- $308 to support Pastor Gilman Ho (Ambassadors for Christ)
• Cantonese Pastor Search Committee has been formed, the members
consists of Rev. Lee (convenor), Irene Cheung (secretary), Joseph Wong,
Ophelia Lau, Chris Cheng, Rossana Wong, Candy Chong, Konson Chan,
Philip Chan, Juliana Wan.
• Membership Application: Angela Fung, Mei Jean Au, Siu Bing Lam and
Jianglan Wang from Cantonese congregation are applying for membership.
If there is any concern regarding the application, please write to ECB
through Rev. Lee or Cantonese deacons by October 3, 2019.
b. Minutes for September 24, 2018
• ECB has revised the distribution of the 5% ACEM Mission Fund Rebate to
MCCC as follows:
- $1,500 to Pastor Xiaodan Gang (Canadian Baptist Ministries missionary
in Germany)
- $808 to Gilman Ho (Ambassadors for Christ)
• Membership Meeting: The membership meeting to approve the 2020
church budget will be held on Sunday, November 17. A mail-in voting
session will be held on November 10 for members who are not available to
vote in the membership meeting. All members please attend the
membership meeting voting session or the mail-in voting session to vote
on the church budget.