MCCC Online Children Summer Day Camp

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Dear Parents and Guardians
This year MCCC will be hosting our Summer Day Camp
online. Children will be able to join our camp by maintain social
distancing practice.
We will be offering lesson through Zoom and other meeting
applications. Our lessons include
1. Teaching Coding and Game design by using Scratch, an
educational tool developed by MIT
a. Grade 1-2 require Android or ios with online connectivity,
b. Grade 3-4, and 5-6 require personal computer with online
2. Art project (all the materials will be individually packed for pick
up or delivery)
3. Baking project (some ingredient may be provided and adults
assistant are required)
4. Bible Story through homemade video and music time
5. Non-contact outdoor time at park (adults drop-off required)
To join our online summer camp internet connectivity is required.
The date and time of the camp are:
1. Week 1: July 13-17
2. Week 2: July 20-24
The time is generally 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. However, we are
planning possible special activity on both Fridays, thus the camp
time might change on Friday. We are waiting for the government
instruction and see the possibility of having special activity on
Attached is our registration forms, the camp fee is $50 dollars per
week ($100 for both weeks), and we suggest for joining both
weeks. For the camp fee, I will arrange drop-off time at
church. However, special arrangement might be possible depend
on the situation.
The size of the camp is limited to about 25 people this year. If
you are interested, please fill-out the form. You can sent it back
to me electronically, if possible. However, you can just email me
back by affirming joining the camp with the name and grade (in
September this year, now the grade now) of your children to me.

Rev. Timothy Yuen