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ECB News (Dec 20, 2020)
a. On December 20, 2020, at 1 pm, the AGM meeting had a total
of 158 members (out of 248 on roster) participating,
representing 63.71% of total membership. The following
motions have been accepted by the members:
• MOTION 1: To accept Minutes of Membership Meeting on
November 17, 2019.
• MOTION 2: To accept the audited Milliken Christian Community
Church Summary Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Fund
Balance for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019.
• MOTION 3: To approve the proposed 2021 Milliken Chinese
Community Church Budget as follows:
Total General and Building Operations $798,470.20
Building Expansion Fund Pledge $ 50,000.00
Total $848,470.20
• MOTION 4: To elect the following candidates to be deacons
for the Executive Church Board of the Milliken Christian
Community Church for the period of 2021-2022: Ms. Irene
Cheung / Ms. Janny Wan / Mr. Sam Watt / Mr. Gary Dong / Mr.
Steve Chao
• MOTION 5: Appoint Stephen P.F. Chui Professional Corp. as
public accountant for preparation of Milliken Christian
Community Church 2020 audited financial statement.
• MOTION 6: Approve the 2019 church annual report

b. We like to show our appreciation to our two outgoing deacons
Rossana Wong and Sheila Xu for their diligent work. We pray
that the Lord will continue to bless them and their families.
d. The deadline for receiving reimbursement claims under the
2020 church budget will be Sunday, January 17, 2021.