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ECB News (2020, Jan 12)
a. The ECB has formed the 2022-23 Deacon Candidates
Nomination Committee. Rev. Vincent Lee will be the
convener of the committee.
b. The ECB has updated the list of MCCC delegates to ACEM
Conference in 2021. The delegates are Rev. Vincent Lee,
Rev. John Hua, Rev. Luke Xie, Rev. Tim Yuen, Joseph Wong,
Irene Cheung, Ophelia Lau, Paul Tang, Wylie Poon and Sam
c. The ECB would like to appreciate brothers and sisters for the
offerings you have contributed to the church during the year
2020. In 2020 offerings contributed to 70% of the budgeted
General Fund. We pray that God will continue to bless you
and your family as you continue to support MCCC’s ministries
in the new year!

d. The deadline for receiving reimbursement claims under the 2020
church budget will be today, Sunday January 17th 2021.