Restart of In-Person Sunday Worship

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The church will begin physical worship on August 15:
• Cantonese congregation: 9:15am (Sanctuary) <Max: 50 people>
• Mandarin congregation: 11:15am (Sanctuary) <Max: 50 people>
• English congregation: 11:15 am (Chapel) <Max: 18 people>

Brothers and sisters who participate in physical worship, please
register online and fill in the health declaration. If you cannot
register online, please call the office.

** In order to provide safe face-to-face services while protecting
other brothers and sisters, the church strongly recommends that
those who plan to come for face-to-face meetings are first
vaccinated against COVID-19 (new coronavirus).

Brothers and sisters who cannot participate in physical worship
can still watch Youtube links or Zoom.

** Children’s Sunday School will be maintained virtually from 1:30 pm
to 2:15 pm until further notice.