In the year 2022 we celebrate Milliken Christian Community Church’s 35th Anniversary. Thanks to our Father in heaven, for He has empowered our church to be light and salt of the world.

Thirty-five years ago, Rev. John Kao led the church planting of Milliken, and afterward, Rev. Stephen Yao continued Milliken’s development, completing the church building and building extension projects. Our God continued to use our pastors, church leaders, and our brothers and sisters, as He moulded and led the church to serve in unity, uniting us to build the Kingdom of God. Thanks to our God that, in all these years, starting with seven families, Milliken has grown to a trilingual, bicultural church of over five hundred congregants.

We pray that our Lord will continue to build, empower and strengthen us, that as we head into the future, we would not stop spreading the Gospel, building up Christ’s disciples, glorifying God, and be a blessing to others. Let us continue to be a wonderful witness in our neighborhood community!

All are welcome to participate in the following anniversary events:

1) Jan 8th – Saturday night Joint Revival Meeting via Zoom

Replay the message “Transforming in Jesus Christ, Taking Up the Great Commission I – Victory Through Trials” (Speaker: Rev. Harding Ng)

2) April 4th to May 28th – Book reading campaign – “Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple”

The church is encouraging brothers and sisters to join the reading program from April 18 to May 29, 2022.
(E-copy KINDLE version is $9.99 plus tax, please search “Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple: Greg Ogden on

If you want to order a physical book (it costs $22), please contact Pastor Josiah.

3) July 1st – Community Event on Canada Day

4) Aug 6th – Outdoor Joint Baptismal Service and Celebration

5) Oct 9th – Joint Thanksgiving Sunday Worship

(** Events subject to change in accordance with current COVID situation and government restrictions)