Holistic Gospel Evangelism

Preaching the Gospel, bringing People to Christ, till they live an abundant life. Being witness in our personal realm, community and to the ends of the world. Our people are encouraged to intentionally build relationship with non-believer through demonstrating God’s love in acts of kindness, to welcome seekers from any background with love and warmth, to guide seekers to develop a sense of belonging through ministries of our church, and ultimately finding their spiritual home in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. We further encourage our people to embrace mission as a lifestyle, who regular prays, supports and personally participate in same cultural, similar cultural or cross cultural mission, through participating in short term and long term mission, mission giving, and in partnership with missionaries and mission organizations.

English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)

MCCC provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes geared towards Mandarin and Cantonese speakers in the community. We offer English classes in various levels, from basic ABC classes to English-only conversation classes. All classes are free!

Classes are currently being held online. Call 426-498-3399 or WeChat 437-988-1886 for information.

Sports Ministry

MCCC participates in sporting leagues (softball, volleyball, etc.) with other churches in the Greater Toronto Area. Both Christian and non-Christian players are welcome to participate in our sports teams.

For more information on ongoing and upcoming MCCC sports teams, please contact Pastor Josiah Tse (mccc.josiaht@gmail.com)

Short Term Missions (STM)

In obedience to the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the tradition of ACEM churches in sending workers to the overseas mission field and supporting overseas missions, Milliken Chinese Community Church regularly organizes and sends field visitation teams to various parts of the world.

In recent years, MCCC has sent field visitation teams to Southeast Asia (Cambodia and Myanmar), East Asia, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, Northern Quebec, Africa, Thunder Bay and other locations. Subsidy is provided for MCCC members wishing to participate on field visitations.

Community Development Department

MCCC has a dedicated Community Development department to organize regular outreach programs  to our community. We have weekly programs for seniors such as fitness and exercise programs, computer classes and table tennis.

Community Development also runs major outreach events to our community during the year, such as a Canada Day community outreach event and BBQ.

For more information please contact Rev. Luke Xie.

Children Programs & Summer Day Camp

Free After School English Class

Date: March 28 – June 6 (Every Thursday)
Time: 3:45pm – 5:30pm
Target: Grade 1-6 students
**ELL Class is taught by a retired Ontario registered teacher, and the class is free to join.
Please contact Pastor Tim for details mccc.timy@gmail.com

MCCC runs a Children Summer Day Camp every July to bring the love and message of our Lord Jesus Christ to the children in our community, as well as to reach out to the spiritual needs of families within the community.

2024 Summer Children’s Day Camp:
Date: July 15-19 and 22-26. (Children who are entering Grade 1 to 6 are welcome to participate.)
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Fee: $100 per week (Limited space)
Registration begins March 3. Please drop off the form and cheque (payable to MCCC) to the church office or contact Pastor Tim. There is no refund and first come first served.

For more information please contact our Children’s Pastor Timothy Yuen.