Children ministry

a. Children’s Ministry is collecting new and unused toys, clothing items (socks, scarfs, tuques, etc.), bathroom amenities (towels, toothbrushes, no liquids). The donation items will be used for the October 31st outreach event. You will find a donation box at the church foyer and outside of the chapel downstairs. b. The purpose of the Christmas…


The next AGM is schedule for Sunday November 19, 2017. All church members are encouraged to attend and cast their ballots for the approval of church budget next year. ECB will finalize the 2018 budget on Oct 29, 2017 and post it for church members’ review afterwards.

Building Condominium Board

Our building will undergo a series of external renovation, including the main door, outside wall and pedestrian walkways from Oct 2nd to Oct 30th. Please take care as you come in or leave the church, and be alert to any notice boards. For your safety, please do not enter or cross any area under construction.