ECB News

a. ECB will have a budget meeting for 2018 on September 23rd (Saturday) at 1:00 pm in Room. All co-workers please attend. b. News Flash from ECB Meeting dated September 10th, 2017: ECB have reviewed the church member list and planned to establish connection through correspondence with those members who have not attended worships at…

Pastoral News

a. Rev. John Hua will preach and officiate Holy Communion at NRCCC on September 17th (today). b. Rev. Luke Xie will speak at TMCCC on September 17th (today). c. Rev. Andy Wong will take vacation on September 19th, Tuesday.

English Congregation News

English Worship team: If you have a passion and interest to serve in our Sunday worship team, and has been baptized or plan to be baptized this year, please speak to Pastor Vincent or Pastor Josiah.