The new Fall ESL class was started on September 9th (Sat) at 10:00 am. There is no fee to participate. Please register with the teacher on Saturdays at 10 am. In your classroom. If you do not know your teacher, speak to Rev. Lee and he will arrange it for you.

Senior Activities – Oil Painting Class

There are two sessions. Each has 4 classes with the same content. The teacher is Mr. Kanson Lee (graduated from OCAD, owner of an art studio). The first session is from October 3 to 24 and second one is from November 7 to 28. The time is every Tuesday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm…

Children ministry

Prayer Meeting will be held on September 13th (Wed) at 7:30 pm in Room B5. We encourage teachers and parents to join us.