Offering to MCCC

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MCCC is introducing an online offering option.
(a) For those who have been using cheques or cash, please
continue to do so. Due to current situation, we encourage
brothers and sisters to put aside the cheque/cash until
Church is open again.
(b) Or you can mail the cheques to church noting your offering
number and fund type (general, building, missions,
benevolent, thanksgiving).
(c) Online Banking Bill Payment Offering
You will be using your 5 digits offering number to setup the Bill
Payment donation process.
If your offering number only has 3 digits, please add two zeros in
the front. (i.e. 00123)
Assume your Offering Number is 12345.
Here are 4 account numbers that you will be using for Bill Payment
12345G / 12345B / 12345M / 12345T
 To donate into General fund, use 12345G
 To donate into Building fund, use 12345B
 To donate into Missions fund, use 12345M
 To donate into Thanksgiving fund, use 12345T
Only the following banks are available for this option:
 Bank of Montreal (BMO)
 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
 Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
 TD Canada Trust
 Scotiabank
Please follow the steps below:
1. Login to your Internet banking account via web or mobile.
2. Add Billing Company/Payee
a. BMO, RBC, TD and Scotiabank: Search
“Milliken Christian Community Church”
b. CIBC: Search “Milliken Christian Com. Church”.
3. Use the accounts numbers from above as the account
4. If you want to donate into multiple funds (General, Building,
Missions, Thanksgiving), you will need to setup multiple
Billing Company/Paye with each account number.
Any Question, please contact Steve Chao, 647-525-8889