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ECB News Flash items ( April 20, 2021)
A. Membership Meeting︰The MCCC Membership Meeting date
originally scheduled for Sunday, May 16, 2021 has been
changed to Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 2:00pm.
B. Membership Meeting Information Session will be held on Zoom
on Saturday, May 15 at 2:30pm
3. Mail-In Voting Sessions will be held on 3 Sundays (May 23, May
30 and June 6) 1:00-4:00pm in the church foyer (if government
COVID restrictions permit). All voting members must accept
health screening when entering the building and follow social
distancing measures.
Agenda Items
Approval of minutes of Membership Meeting on December 20, 2020
a. Election of 2022-23 Deacons
b. Approval of MCCC 2020 Audited Financial Statement
c. Approval of MCCC 2020 Annual Report
d. Appointment of Stephen P.F. Chui Professional Corporation
as public accountant for preparing MCCC 2021 Audited
Financial Statement
D. 2022-23 Deacon Candidates ︰ The ECB has accepted the
following candidates for 2022-23 deacons:
Cantonese – Joseph Wong, Ophelia Lau, Rossana Wong
Mandarin – James Li
English – Wylie Poon, Jerrold Wen

E. Membership Applications
Cantonese Congregation – Bessie Chu, Lo Chi Wing, Isabella So,
Mok Wing On (Percy), Ye Zhiming (Jimmy), Mani Cao, Karen Chu,
Wei Ping Hu (Raymond) English Congregation – Michelle Li.
If you have any comments, please contact Rev. Vincent Lee.
F. The ECB has accepted the continuation of Pastor Edmond
Chung’s employment as Cantonese Associate Pastor beyond his
3-month probation period.
G. The ECB has accepted the transition of Pastor Josiah Tse to the
long-term position of English Pastor, effective June 1, 2021.