Hiring temporary part-time custodian

The church is hiring a temporary part-time custodian responsible for cleaning during the period of August 12 to September 7. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Tim, mccc.timy@gmail.com .

GM News

According to City of Toronto, paper cups, black cup lids and drinking straws should not be recycled and should instead be placed in black bins, while food waste and paper plates should be placed in green bins. To promote waste reduction and recycling, please bring your own tableware to our potluck events.

Membership Meeting

Mail-in voting sessions will be held at church on May 26 (Today) from 8:45am to 9:15am (before Cantonese worship) and 10:30am to 12:30pm (from end of Cantonese worship to end of Mandarin/English worship). The Annual General Meeting will be held in-person on May 26 at 2pm.