Friendly Reminder

 To better control the spread of the new coronavirus virus, we suggest selfquarantine for two weeks if you have just returned from China.  If you experience symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath, consult a doctor promptly, stay home for rest and stop going to church meetings or community events for now….

Child/Infant Dedication

We are planning a Child/Infant Dedication on February 23, next Sunday. This dedication is for children or infant at or under 6 years old; both parents are Christians and at least one parent and the child attend MCCC regularly. Please speak to Pastor Josiah or Pastor Vincent if you would like to dedicate your child/infant.


The winter term has started. Classes are free targeting anyone who is interested in learning English and are held every Saturday (except long weekends) at 10 am. Please pray for the students and the teachers.