Good Friday Service

Each congregation has been asked to volunteer 5- 6 people for the Good Friday Service play. If you are interested in participating, please contact Pastor Josiah or he will find you.


(2018 年2 月11 日) 題目:「離了祂,我們真的不能做什麼」 經文:約翰福音15: 4-10 早堂事奉人員: 主席: 朱強弟兄          講員:謝飛鵬牧師 會前負責:于厚軍弟兄          領詩/司琴:詩班 祈禱:方榮恩姊妹          讀經:張天慈姊妹 司事:鄭美芬姊妹、張天慈姊妹、翁鴿姊妹、黃姿華姊妹、佘定君姊妹、鄭榕弟兄 音響/放映:于厚雄弟兄 圖書館:早-徐達忠弟兄、午-徐達忠弟兄 午堂事奉人員: 講員: 謝飛鵬牧師          會前負責: 張琰姊妹 司事: 光琴姊妹、吳澤群姊妹          讀經: 楊雙捷姊妹 音響/放映: Jeffrey Zhu 弟兄 司餐:李云峰弟兄、董觀宇執事 預備聖餐:張雅梅姊妹、孫慕華姊妹

Church Library

Our church library is located in the basement with different kinds of spiritual books, such as personal growth, parenting, personal and group Bible study, nonfiction, reference series, song books, music and lecture DVD. You are welcomed to visit and borrow the resources. Brothers and sisters on duty are happy to assist. Starting from February 11th,…